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Sex clubs and brothels in Netherlands

Prostitution has never been illegal in the Netherlands, but brothels and sex clubs were legalized and regulated in October 2000, the government's goal being to establish a licensing system in order to manage economic and social life related to prostitution.

The regulations of the brothels however did not revolutionize the Dutch life style. These were already tolerated all over Netherlands. But example of legislation is the prohibition on the reception of prostitutes under the age of 21 in prostitute windows and sex clubs. A social status of sex worker has also been put in place.

Amsterdam Redlight District

The most famous redlight district in the world, the redlight district of Amsterdam is an unmissable curiosity. He concocts in a district of a few streets where there are shop windows in which exhibits prostitutes. These prostitute windows are leaned to individual cabins of about 10m2 in which sexual services take place. When a customer enters a prostitute window, the tenant of the place lowers the curtain to signify that it is occupied. Amsterdam also has many famous traditional brothels and sex clubs.

Private House, a discret and charming sex club

Sex clubs and brothels that take the form of a lounge bar with rooms for sexual encounters. Rates are usually around 150 to 200 Euros for an hour with a girl. The level of comfort can range from gloomy sex clubs to elegant luxury brothels. These establishments are generally cozy and welcoming.

Private House, a discret and charming sex club

Private Houses or Privéhuis in Dutch are brothels especially present in the countryside. there is no bar. The client is welcomed and accompanied in a room where the girls present themselves one by one. Once selected, the meeting continues in a bedroom, which usually has room service to order drinks.

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